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The requirements of a modern-day electrician or electric installer have moved away from the jobs of yesterday. With the advancement of renewable energy, energy efficiency, effective monitoring and the internet of things, more consumers are asking more from professionals in the electricity maintenance field. It is no longer enough to provide just the basics. Nowhere is this more pronounced then with the adoption of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Requirements.

Eqensu provides a service that not only caters to your basic electricity maintenance requirements, but also one that is forward thinking with providing solutions to modern day electricity needs. A customer focused entity we work with the domestic to provide solutions that are not designed not just for today but rather for a more efficient and lower carbon producing economy.

Installation and maintenance services

Domestic maintenance and installation services:

With the introduction of Part B or competent person scheme a number of household jobs that were previously undertaken by unqualified personnel has been prohibited without a person possessing the required skills and qualifications. Consequently, jobs such as household wiring, new sockets and light switches need to be certified by a competent person. Eqensu have the personnel required to assist you with your competent person requirements. For more information on our domestic services please click here.

Domestic installation

Renewable energy services:

Despite changes to feed in tariff rates for solar installations, solar PV systems are still an important part of the renewable energy field. What’s more with the improvements in energy storage by the likes of the Tesla Powerwall, more consumers are using solar PV systems to generate and consume electricity, instead of selling it to the grid. For more information on our solar storage services, click here for more information.


Storage services:

Even where solar PV systems cannot provide a significant amount of electricity to support users’ needs’, it is still possible to tap into cheaper forms of electricity. Tariffs such as Economy 7 that provide cheap electricity during specific hours are being utilised more to provide cheap electricity. Key to this system is having a battery system that collects and “stores” electricity during the hours of cheap off-peak electricity and provides it for consumption at the times when it is required within its premises. For more information on this service click here.

solar storage

Electric vehicle charging services:

The increasing proliferation of electric vehicles as a result of changing consumer trends and government support, has changed electric vehicles from being a novelty product to a mainstream product. With the Office for Low Emission Vehicles now offering support to domestic and commercial installations of vehicle charge system, now is the best time to take advantage of this area of growth. Eqensu can assist you to choose the right solution for your electric vehicle charging needs.

ev charging